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pass me the straws for which i am grasping [Nov. 25th, 2012|06:37 pm]
Four is at Least Five


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eric_the_pilot asks: "Is there a celebrity that you wish would just die already?"

Most comments range from "No" to "No. I'd like for some of them to fade into obscurity, but wishing death upon them is just a bit too harsh" to "no, because as a reasonable human being i don't go around wishing death on people i've never met for no good reason" and the sort.

e_y_d plays the "y so srs?!" card. I believe this person has the potential to be wanky. vodkabeforenoon and fieryphoenix start their usual idiotic shit but are ignored as they should be. Although vodka's response here made me lol. Someone lurks on anon, y/n?

Honestly I just posted this because it has been almost two months without a new entry here.

[User Picture]From: vodkabeforenoon
2012-11-26 02:08 pm (UTC)
People in sf-drama wish badly on people all the time and many of those people post in tqc.

You seem bored noodles. Go to a play recital or something...
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